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Microsoft Powerpoint 2019 for PC

What is Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 for PC?

Are you a professor, manager, big-time executive, or just proactive in college or school? If you fall into any of these or other categories that often present material to other people, you will need a great presentation tool – Microsoft PowerPoint 2019.

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation program, used to visualize and screen information in the form of a slide show. It has three major functions that you can use to create professional and visually appealing presentations. You can use the advanced editor to format text, modify images, and insert other mediums such as videos, 3D models, and graphs. Apply visual effects, create fluid animations to your elements or in-between your slides, and deliver top-quality presentations to your audience.

PowerPoint is a product included in the Microsoft Office suite, allowing for a great integrated experience. You can use it together with other applications such as Word or Excel to import or export data, which is something that is unmatched in other presentation software.

Go with the best in the business and make your presentations organized, straight, vivid, and crisp with PowerPoint 2019. Let your creativity and ideas become reality without having to spend endless hours trying to figure out complex applications. PowerPoint is easy to use, yet allows for the creation of professional and good looking presentations even if you’re a beginner.

Why buy Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 for PC?

Despite being designed with businesses in mind, PowerPoint has grown to be more than just a presentation software for marketing purposes. PowerPoint is estimated to have 500 million users worldwide, as it provides a versatile set of tools for both business and home use.

PowerPoint is capable of far more than just bullet points, photos, and scrolling your words across the screen. Create engaging and visually interesting presentations to break complex topics down in an animated environment, put together photo albums to showcase a story of a lifetime, or even make quizzes, animations, a Digital or Multimedia resume, and much more.

The tools and features provided by PowerPoint are just as innovative as they are easy to use. It was never easier to make infographics and share information in a digestible format than it is with PowerPoint’s SmartArt feature. You can create seamless and smooth animations to empathize with parts of your slides or make it engaging for your audience to see the progress of your topic.

The new PowerPoint 2019 is a profoundly imaginative and flexible program that can guarantee you a one of a kind experience whether you’re showing your work before potential investors, during a lecture, or just presenting your ideas to your colleagues. Powerpoint includes a dozen of tools for you to utilize. Enhance your abilities and enable yourself to convey your message effectively.

Deliver your thoughts and ideas with aesthetic visual design, animations, fluid movement, cinematic transitions, 3D models, symbols, and much more. Give canny innovation a chance to enable you to breathe life into your presentations and give yourself the confidence needed to deliver a punchy presentation to your audience.


Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 for PC Features

Presenter View

Be in control behind the curtains with the new Presenter View feature. This option is great for the audience’s experience, as well as your privacy and control during the presentation itself. This feature allows you to see important notes and controls, or things like upcoming and previous slides – while the only thing that the audience sees is the current slide.

The Presenter View puts control firmly into your hands while giving the audience clean and uninterrupted viewing. You always know what’s next and can confidently keep the presentation fluid without having to pause and recollect your thoughts.

Innovative visual effects

PowerPoint has been a capable tool for decades now, and it is only getting better. Something PowerPoint is known for is its incredible transitions. They provide a smooth flow to your content and slides, helping with both visual impact and engagement with your audience. PowerPoint’s features make your presentation look professional, keeping the eyes of your audience on the screen, eager to see what’s next.

Transitions and animations are easy to apply, ensuring that even entry-level users can take full advantage of PowerPoint 2019 for PC. The application comes with a quite large amount of basic transitions which all display a different kind of effect, but the option to install custom transitions (and other assets) is available for everyone as well.

New Morph transition

Image source:

In Powerpoint 2019, a new transition has been added called Morph, which enables users to easily animate elements when going from one slide to another. This is a great tool to create quick animations without having to worry about actually animating something.

New Zoom tool

Zoom is a new tool that allows you to make your presentation more impactful and dynamic. You can create a movement to zooming in and out of different elements or sections of your slide. You can apply presets such as the Summary Zoom to see the pieces of your presentation all at once, or the Slide Zoom which provides a seamless transition when navigating between slides. You can arrange slides in any order, revisit or skip ahead pieces of your presentation without interrupting your flow.

3D models

The use of three-dimensional models can be a huge time saver, especially when working on projects that involve heavy use of visuals. Showing things such as animals, objects, plants, and even buildings is much easier with 3D models as opposed to set in stone images. You can bring life to your 3D models and include them from all angles by rotating through all 360 degrees.

You can take full control over what you want to show your audience. These 3D models can now be imported into Powerpoint from various sources. Find files locally stored on your computer, import from third-party sources, or use Microsoft’s gallery. When purchasing PowerPoint 2019, you get access to a large online library filled to the brim with high-quality models to choose from and utilize in your projects.

After importing 3D models, you can either rotate them by hand or choose a preset from the Ribbon. For example, you can quickly select a top-down view or a side view without having to spend time perfectly aligning the angles yourself.

Insert Scalable Vector Graphics

You can easily spice up your presentation slides and add that extra touch of professionalism by inserting icons and Scalable Vector Graphics, also known as SVG files. When choosing to do this, you are given access to Microsoft’s library of high-quality icons in over 25 categories.

You can select multiple icons to insert at the same time, and once your icons are in your presentation you have the ability to edit them in various ways. Resizing, rotating, changing colors and applying visual effects are all available to customize your icons with. These SVG icons can also be converted into shapes, meaning that you have the option to disassemble and edit individual pieces of an icon.

Remove backgrounds from images

If you are working on a presentation and want to spice up the look of it, one of the best options is by removing image backgrounds. Add that bit of a professional look to your slides by removing the unnecessary parts of an image. Of course, you can remove backgrounds in image editing software, but you can avoid the hassle of that by using PowerPoint’s Background Removal feature.

The tool now automatically detects the general background area, sparing you from having to draw a rectangle around the subject of your image. The pencil used to mark parts of an image can now draw free lines instead of being restricted to straight lines only. This opens up the door to new design possibilities and makes your presentations more pleasing to look at.

Note: You can’t remove the background from Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), Adobe Illustrator Graphics (AI), Windows Metafile Format (WMF), and Vector Drawing File (DRW).

Improvements to digital inking

Digital inking capabilities now allow you to choose and customize a personal set of pens suitable for your needs. You can pick between a set of pens, highlighters, and pencils, as well as change their options to create tools suitable for your needs. There are a total of five pen thickness settings, color options, and various ink effects to choose from as well. If you’re using a supported digital stylus, you have the option to choose a Pencil Texture, which allows you to tilt your stylus and achieve a similar shading effect to pencil on paper.

Ink effects

Along with a set of colors, you can apply ink effects to your work to stylize it more or mimic other supplies used in real life. You can imitate stationery supplies such as metallic pens, pencils, highlighters, and much more. You can add ink effects to make your text look like a rainbow, galaxy, lava, ocean, gold, silver, and much more.

Ink Replay

A new feature called Ink replay allows you to replay your drawing forward or backward, allowing you to hide or reveal pieces of your slide or empathize with different elements.

Segment eraser

When erasing parts of your ink drawings, the new Segment Eraser ensures that you have precise control over what you keep and what you want to go from your canvas. This eraser enables you to delete chunks of ink up to points where they intersect with another line, rather than having to carefully wipe the regular erasers.

Text highlighter

Different Office programs function as a crew – and crew shares things when needed. By popular demand, PowerPoint 2019 now comes with a text highlighter tool, similar to the one available in various other Office products included in the new lineup.

Text highlighter is originally a Word feature, but it has made its way to the new PowerPoint as well. Draw attention to important parts of your text easily, quickly, and with the color of your choice. The highlighter tool allows you to put emphasis on parts of your presentation with fully customizable highlight colors.

More features to love

There are plenty of other functions and features that await users with the new PowerPoint. Exporting to 4K, easier group work, recording… The list goes on, and the best way to find out about all the new options is to experience them themselves.


System Requirements

  • • Processor: 1.6 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 2-core. 2.0 GHz or greater recommended for Skype for Business.
  • • RAM: 4 GB RAM; 2 GB RAM (32-bit)
  • • Hard disk: 4.0 GB of available disk space
  • • Display: 1280 x 768 screen resolution
  • • Graphics: Graphics hardware acceleration requires DirectX 9 or later, with WDDM 2.0 or higher for Windows 10 (or WDDM 1.3 or higher for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update). Skype for Business requires DirectX 9 or later, 128 MB graphics memory, and 32 bits per pixel capable format.
  • • OS: Windows 10 or newer, Windows Server 2019

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