Return Policy

ExeKing strives to provide excellent support to our customers and provide them with reasonable returns service. To make sure our customers are satisfied with the product they order, we offer a 30-day product guarantee. ExeKing will fully refund unopened new merchandise, minus shipping, within 30 days of delivery. Before returning any product, you must contact us via email or phone +44 000-000-0000 for authorization

ExeKing will pay return shipping for incorrect or defective items for any ExeKing shipping errors. Customers can get their refund within 2-4 weeks. This estimate includes shipping time back to our company, authorization check and refund process. Refunds can only be issued as the original payment method. If you receive an incorrect or defective item due to our error and wish to replace it, ExeKing will pay return shipping for the wrong item and send the correct item to Customer via an advanced shipping method. Subscription requires a 30-day cancellation notice.

For electronic delivery, ExeKing will process the product/license key with manufacturer verification to ensure that the product has not been activated or tampered with. Once this verification process is completed and the product is passed, ExeKing will refund the purchase price of the product as the original payment method.

Open License – ExeKing may charge a 15% recharge fee on Open License orders submitted for distribution or completion. Not all cloud and volume licensing solutions are eligible for the retail marketing discount, but we will work with you to get the lowest possible price in the market. Retail License – ExeKing may charge a 16% restocking fee on completed retail orders. Anti-Virus – ExeKing may charge a 25% restocking fee on completed Anti-Virus orders. Microsoft Office 365 – Non-refundable! We cannot return these keys to Microsoft, so we cannot refund any Office 365 purchases. 30 days notice is required for cancellation.

Please note that we will not accept the cancellation of a digital download once activated or attempted to activate a product key on Microsoft Online


Shipping Policy

When placing an order online or through our customer service department, the estimated delivery time depends on several factors including the destination, shipping method, and time of placing the order.

Most products ship same day. Below are estimated processing and delivery times for each shipping method:

1-2 days processing time. 4 – 10 business days delivery
1-2 days processing time. 2 – 4 business days for delivery
1-2 days processing time. 1 business day delivery.
Remember, these are time estimates. Depending on product availability, your product may arrive at an earlier date.
If you have purchased our products and state that they have electronic delivery or download, you will receive the required product/license key in an email registered with us on the same day your order is confirmed.